Thursday, May 10, 2007

A true story of love, war and redemption.

I read this book “Fools rush in” a long time ago. It’s a Bill Carter documentary about his journal in Sarajevo as a war correspondent. And there was something he wrote that I have never stop thinking about. One day during the war, he found some teenagers hiding from Serbians soldiers in a basement. They were listening to very loud rock and roll music, to disguise the bullets sounds. They were doing the same thing of me, living in a very comfortable house, in a very quiet place. In fact, they were listening to the same bands as me. It surprised me how they were living like they were having a normal life, in a totally destroyed city.
After that, I visited Bill Carte's Website, and saw some pictures he took there. For me, there is a different kind of beauty in those pictures. For me, critical situations turn art expressions into something more delicate, because you always try to imagine the pain and the will to survive of people who created that. That’s why I have the idea to post in this blog: to try to show beauty where people can only see pain.

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