Friday, August 10, 2007

War Child Ad

I was reading the August issue of I-D Magazine, when I saw a very interesting War Child Ad. I could not found it on internet, so I will transcript the text:


Honestly. Being a child in Iraq right now is rubbish. There's no food(1), you can't go to school(2)(no seriously, that is rubbish), you can't even live where you want to(3). It sucks.

1. 1 in 5 Iraqi children are not getting enough food.
2. Nearly half of Iraqi children are not going to school.
3. 1.5 million children have been displaced from their homes. Many are denied acess to shelter, health, education and sanitation.

The Humanitarian crisis in Iraq continues to deepen and yet humanitarian funding is actually going down.

War Child is the only internacional child protection agency working in south Iraq.

Last year War Child's projects directly helped 1,800 children. Our work with parents and carers benefited at leats another 10,000. With your support we'll reach even more children in 2007.


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