Thursday, February 21, 2008

Laughing In A Foreing Language

Can humour transcend language and cultural difference? That is the issue of the exhibition "Laughing In a Foreing Language", running from now until the end of April in the Southbank Centre, London. I must confess that some pieces maked me laugh out loud, but some others, especialy from some Japanese artists, didn't make any sense to me. Cao Fei and Olaf Breuning were the only artists I knew. Shimabuku (born in Japan, based in Berlin) impressed me for his paper box laid on the corner, speaking to me "Life as a box is not bad... I can go to many places". Chazel (Born in Tehran, based in Paris) also catched me with her Husband Wanted posters. She was working in France and couldn't get a work permit, so she tried to get a visa by marring to some French guy. Kutlug Ataman (Born in Turkey, based in Buenos Aires) just disgusted me with his ridiculous belly dancing.

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